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Notice boards play a very important role in communicating with the public as it can reach many people at the same time with virtually zero cost. People instinctively notice these boards and are drawn toward their contents, making them the ideal solution if you have a lot of information to display from various departments or sections of your organization.

Notice boards can be made in different styles and sizes, including standard aluminium, satin or a combination of brightly coloured films. Many other materials can be used in making a board sign, depending on the use and location it is at.

At Sign Centre, we have a large selection of custom board signs in a large variety from cork boards, directory boards to bulletin boards, enclosed bulletin boards. Tell us your requirement for a board advertising for your home or office and we can design the best solution for you that matches your budget as well. Our boards are water-tight with a weather-proof cover to them safe from the harsh weather conditions ensuring the longevity of the boards.

In addition to outdoor notice boards, indoor notice boards ensure productivity and efficiency inside an organisation. At Sign Centre, we offer a range of indoor and outdoor noticeboards that are lockable and tamperproof notice boards.

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