Post and Panel Signs

Post signs is one of the most widely used signage systems in the world of advertising. The post mounted signs are flexible and a cost-effective form of exterior signage used across many industries. They can look great and helps to promote your brand and campaign to new and established customers.

Post mounted signs are often used to give informative or directional information to visitors, pedestrians, and potential customers or to identify businesses on roadsides, industrial estates, and business parks. Post panel signs are mainly fixed at a low height to catch the attraction of drivers and pedestrians passing nearby. Also, another important thing that takes care while fixing the panel signs is to avoid obstructions such as fences or foliage because it may cover your panel sign’s view. This can be avoided by installing it at high height.

Post & panel signage have many uses like directional or mapping purposes in car parks, industrial sites, and schools. The signs are important as direction must be visible from both sides so that the panels must be mounted on both sides of the post. The post can be designed in a custom modular, triangular panel, or unique branding elements and dynamic shapes and sizes that should be viewed from multiple directions.

Sign Centre offers post sign services lead by an expert in-house team that will create any type of panel signage with different ideas and creativity like illuminated panels signage with hidden backlighting or LEDs which is a cost-effective one to give an attractive halo effect or ground fixed spotlights to make sure that the signs can be seen every time. Also, we can use the benefit of illuminated options which include fluorescent tubes which help to adds color to your lighting scheme. This will help to highlight your business sign and make it stand out in the evenings to get more attraction from the customers.


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