Advertising Hoardings

Advertising hoardings are the best way to promote your brand. These are cost-effective in relation to other advertising methods such as TV and Radio. The hoardings are displayed largely to get the attraction of the public, 24/7. Hoardings are named as one of the best ways to improve the business in construction and re-development. This can be done by offering an artistically pleasing barrier for both security purposes and increasing brand visibility which highlights to your business.

Hoardings can be fixed in a place where the public get more attention like mounted to walls or stand-alone billboard hordings, fences, major highways, barricades, and building tops to create a series of advertisements. Hoardings can be made up of plywood, wood, aluminum composite material, LED lightings, etc.

Advantages of using Hoardings

  • Strengthen name and provide brand awareness
  • High frequency and reach
  • Specific geographic targeting
  • Higher recall value
  • Provide frequent and continuous messaging
  • Exposure to larger audiences

Sign Centre offers different types of Hoarding advertisement include:

  • LED Sign Hoarding
  • Flex Hoarding
  • Rectangular tin plate hoarding signages
  • Advertising hoarding
  • Moving hoardings
  • Square acrylic Neon Light sign hoarding
  • Various material 2D hoarding board
  • Multicolor hoarding signboard
  • Different Shapes like Rectangular, Circle, Square, etc.
  • LED screen hoarding

Hoardings can be made more attractive with LED lightings. When using LED hoardings you can often change your messages displayed with no production cost. Another advantage is that you can show multiple offers and display information in real-time. LED hoardings provides a standard look to your business and has the potential of attracting more customers. By using hoardings, customers can be updated about your latest offers and promotions.

Outdoor hoardings  help advertising in large venues such as arenas. These boards can be fixed any place where the public gets more attractions either free-standing or fixed to walls or railings with high-density visibility. Outdoor hoarding advertising can also be used as awareness signs against the spreading virus or illnesses which helps the public to take precautions.

Sign Centre is a leading provider of signage solutions in UK. We priorities our clients provide them with the best service. We can create any type of hoarding according to your needs and we pay more attention in aligning the design with your brand guidelines. We use the best technology available with balanced coordination and integration with the latest engineering concepts and a cost-effective way. We have a team of skilled installation team members who are committed to every project they handle.

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