Dry Wipe Boards

Whiteboards used on many occasions from training rooms, classrooms and conference rooms. There are different types and shapes of wipe boards that are available at present. These options are available with a melamine, porcelain or glass surface. At Sign Centre, we provide double-sided and single-sided dry wipe boards.

Advantages of Dry Wipe Board

  • Improve communication within your workplace
  • Helps in monitoring, scheduling, group calendars, enhance meetings in conference rooms, shared projects and much more
  • Helps the communication and organisation process
  • Helps communicate in business meetings and learning environments

Dry Erase Boards

These boards are in the vast selection and include a huge range of sizes that can fit anywhere. Dry-erase boards are available in different styles for schools. Whatever the size of the board is, we can help you install it wherever you want, either at the office or even at church. Dry Erase Boards is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to organize and communicate. We also create customized boards with company logos, calendars, schedules and more on the surface of the boards.

These boards are very useful in classrooms; especially because they can avoid the dust from the chalks while writing in blackboards.

Contact Sign Centre today to get your Dry Erase and Dry Wipe boards done by one of the best signage services in UK.

We have a variety of Dry Erase Boards:

  • Chalkboard
  • Whiteboard Resurfacing Solutions
  • Magnetic Whiteboards
  • Non-Magnetic Whiteboards
  • Custom Printed Dry Erase Boards
  • Cork Boards
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Erasable Wallcovering
  • Re-Stic Dry Erase Surfaces
  • Clear Dry Erase Overlaminates
  • Dry Erase White Board
  • Rotating Dry Erase White Boards
  • Children’s Dry Erase White Boards